#globalsolo celebrates one year

Our first post last Dec 31 2013 saw a blank twitter profile for @globalsolo. So here one year later how does it look?


Yes the numbers are higher, this is the current number of followers, some have been lost along the way. By 23 January 2014 we had 500 followers in time for the BETT show in London (Education Tech / IT) that I attended on the Friday. I was dressed in a polo shirt that I had produced – see background. The logo design has been criticised because it does not show Australia or New Zealand and remains a one off – ideas always welcomed.

As each new follower subscribes they have been added to the list of network members as my role is as facilitator and advocate / evangelist which. I have done through appearances at various Ed events / Teachmeets.

This screenshot show how many have signed up and one time or another.


So year two how do we develop? This is one of two Twitter networks I act as a facilitator for. I believe that we have brought many educators together and ideas and resources have been shared. Ideal? No but I am just a link – I will try and respond to requests if I can fit them in – where should the network go next? Ideas welcomed as it is not mine to determine.

Thanks for joining / visiting / reading / sharing.

Andy Knill aka @globalsolo and @aknill



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