An update . Taking stock…

In January when this network idea all started it seemed an easy concept, start a twitter account, add LinkedIn, Google+ and start a blog to share ideas.

Things got off to a good start inc. having the logo transformed as an idea into reality and a polo and sweat shirt printed off in time to attend the BETT 2014 show. I used the opportunity to be photographed with @globalsolo prominent which led to several discussions about what it involved. Yes, I know that the map does not do justice to Australia or New Zealand – why do you think I haven’t gone into production !?! All in the planning / ideas file…

The shirts have been seen at a number of events during the year. The twitter account has proved a great success and encourages lots of sharing of ideas and resources. At #TLT14 I even made a globalsolo hat which attracted a certain amount of attention. Like the shirts it was unique and a one off – I suspect the bar staff at the pub in Southampton probably binned it though after I abandoned it.


In 5 weeks the accounts will be one year old. The thoughts of all or any followers / network members are welcomed.


Promises of a database of members so that you can filter details for age group taught, country, subject etc has still not come to fruition due to demands in my full time life outside Twitter and taking on a new department, but remains on the developments to work on.

Thoughts have even crossed my mind on whether I could actually earn something from the #globalsolo vehicle – but no progress on that yet either.

If you’ve read this far, thank you and do give feedback on the blog as a comment or tweet to @globalsolo or email to Your ideas are very welcome.


Andy Knill (aka @aknill)


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