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Would you use #solo taxonomy stampers in class?


This is an important learning post for me as network facilitator. Recent posts on Twitter have emphasised the need to recognise authors, owners of intellectual ideas/ designs. This was one such example. Superstickers have since re contacted me – this is NOT an item for discussion.

March 2014


Superstickers.com are interested in making a set of stock solo taxonomy stampers after discussions on @globalsolo in the last two months.  They want more feedback and I have made it clear I am but one voice. What do you think? I have agreed to feedback by Mon. 17/3/14.



One Month up and running…

Ok, globalsolo celebrates its first month on 31 January. What we would like is some feedback as comments on the blog that others can read OR tweeted to @globalsolo on Twitter OR mailed to globalsolo14@gmail.com.

If you do not want your feedback shared please indicate and it will just be read by me.

What do you like?

Have you used the globalsolo twitter list all members are added too?

Have you seen ideas that you like?

What do you think should be the priority in February?

Thanks for reading and please feedback.