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For those following @globalsolo this is an ongoing project that I am participating in. Please read and share with colleagues, friends, relatives that you know for whom Mental Health issues impact on their lives. Give feedback to @mindshackles on Twitter.


Latest sightings of @globalsolo

Globalsolo. Presented at @BMTeachMeet this week, no tech was used. Card hexagons and audience participation. The ideas were greeted with 4 new followers at the event.

A request for a presentation for TMStratford-on-Avon on Thur 3 July was produced this weekend using Haiku Deck for the slides and Knuvio for the added VoiceOver. Once the event have used the video it will be posted for our followers to feedback on.

i will be at on. Tues. 1 July but as co-host, not presenting,time to let others have a go.

My Hobbies by Garden Shed Productions video was mentioned by a social worker friend this week and another place to use Solo Taxonomy – a development to keep an eye on.which other professions make use of solo taxonomy- please share any you are aware of a big thanks to all our new followers / network members we are now past 1400 in our first 6 months. Three weeks. To. My summer holidays and then the network database gets started properly – apologies for delay.

NRocks2014 – Saturday 7 June, Leeds, Yorkshire



Northern Rocks made a point that education events when well organised do not have to be London-centric. Leeds was the setting, the weather on Friday was superb, Late afternoon Saturday the weather was superb. 09:00 to 16:00 it poured with rain, did it dampen the   Enthusiasm of 300 educators? Not at all. They sheltered under coats, umbrellas, NRocks bags, folders, but they rushed from workshop to workshop to get there before doors closed and no spaces left were declared as happened on several occasions.

i was lucky (@aknill) to be there presenting in the workshop one slot with Andy Day (@Andyphilipday). We introduced solo taxonomy, how a variety of practitioners are using it and the growth of @globalsolo. Currently over 1300 network,embers and growing still. We thought about 25, we got 48 and we turned people away- the offer to return for a follow up in 2015 has already been made.


Later, on Thursday 12/6 #ukedchat held a discussion about solo taxonomy.  We arrived late in the form of @aknill. In 30 minutes the network had grown by another 30 followers.

A great week for the case for solo taxonomy use in the UK.  Today, Friday 13/6 @aknill has an article published in the June edition of UKEdMag (see @ukedmag on twitter) proposing how the taxonomy could provide a framework to follow. The demise of levels in the English National Curriculum.

All feedback welcomed on any one of these events – what a week this has been.




















Have an idea? Want some answers? Ask our network…

A common language to discuss how to make progress and add detail …

I have been looking at this for a while, especially as the UK moves towards a period without a standard national scheme to identify progress. In my geography lessons, in between levelled assessment pieces I use solo stages to explain how to add more depth in extended writing pieces especially.

Pupils quote mantras from English lessons which I have no issue with until I find myself talking with classes where 4 different English teachers use 4 separate naming strategies and my role in a cross curricular literacy policy becomes much harder.

Why not a common language across all subjects where extended writing is used? My proposal would be to use solo stages, not surprisingly but I thought I’d ask the globalsolo network their views.

In 24 hours the following have favourited,  RT’d or answered – a great example of teacher collaboration across subject and international boundaries. The discussion continues:

@globalsolo          Essex, UK.                       Geography

@MartynReah.    Petersfield, UK.           Geography

@carljphillips.      Notts., UK.                      Geography

@rosmaceachern. Auckland, NZ.           ?

@Claire_Gillgogs.  Liverpool, UK.           English and Drama

@BgsDt.                     Bucks., UK.                   Design Technology

@mrjcassidy.           UK.                                     English

@AKeenReader.     Wellington, NZ.        .English

@historychappy.    South Asia.                    History

@DTcyoung.             Hants., UK.                   Design Technology

@DnTTaL.                  Yorks., UK.                   Design Technology


… Want to join in???












Would you use #solo taxonomy stampers in class?


This is an important learning post for me as network facilitator. Recent posts on Twitter have emphasised the need to recognise authors, owners of intellectual ideas/ designs. This was one such example. Superstickers have since re contacted me – this is NOT an item for discussion.

March 2014 are interested in making a set of stock solo taxonomy stampers after discussions on @globalsolo in the last two months.  They want more feedback and I have made it clear I am but one voice. What do you think? I have agreed to feedback by Mon. 17/3/14.