@Globalsolo appearing live …

The Twitter network continues to expand – now over 1500 educators. The blog, possibly slightly stalled, but he who changes jobs has less time to spend on other pursuits.

Membership database still in the plans but time factor and uncertainty about data protection has currently stalled plans.


@globalsolo is booked to appear live in 2014/15 at:

– TLT14 in Southampton in October 2014 (event is already full). There will be a noisey Genius Bar stand about Solo Taxonomy and the Globalsolo network during the lunch intermission.

– @TMHavering 3 in November 2014 in Hornchurch, Havering, Greater London. Event details and tickets are released on Monday 15th September. There will be a variety of workshops in offer inc. Solo Taxonomy use. ONLY 75 tickets will be on offer so check the tweets for news and get booked up early – this is a free event.

– Northern Rocks 2015 – following the popularity and indeed turning audience seekers away at the June 2014 inaugural event in Leeds, Yorkshire, the Solo session run in 2014 by @Globalsolo and Andy Day have been invited to speak again. There will be shouting from the windows as last summer.

I am sure there will be more events announced as possibilities come up. If you are a UK school and are interested in PD contact us. All links are subject to my personal teaching commitment and own role in school but I would like to start expanding the network further, what say you?


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