Latest sightings of @globalsolo

Globalsolo. Presented at @BMTeachMeet this week, no tech was used. Card hexagons and audience participation. The ideas were greeted with 4 new followers at the event.

A request for a presentation for TMStratford-on-Avon on Thur 3 July was produced this weekend using Haiku Deck for the slides and Knuvio for the added VoiceOver. Once the event have used the video it will be posted for our followers to feedback on.

i will be at on. Tues. 1 July but as co-host, not presenting,time to let others have a go.

My Hobbies by Garden Shed Productions video was mentioned by a social worker friend this week and another place to use Solo Taxonomy – a development to keep an eye on.which other professions make use of solo taxonomy- please share any you are aware of a big thanks to all our new followers / network members we are now past 1400 in our first 6 months. Three weeks. To. My summer holidays and then the network database gets started properly – apologies for delay.


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