Would you use #solo taxonomy stampers in class?


This is an important learning post for me as network facilitator. Recent posts on Twitter have emphasised the need to recognise authors, owners of intellectual ideas/ designs. This was one such example. Superstickers have since re contacted me – this is NOT an item for discussion.

March 2014


Superstickers.com are interested in making a set of stock solo taxonomy stampers after discussions on @globalsolo in the last two months.  They want more feedback and I have made it clear I am but one voice. What do you think? I have agreed to feedback by Mon. 17/3/14.



6 thoughts on “Would you use #solo taxonomy stampers in class?”

    1. to continue.. Although the idea of coloured stampers is very appealing I think that a single colour may be best as different schools have views on the colour used when marking. I have noticed that there is also some variety of colours used by different teachers when representing SOLO levels in tasks, thus finding a colour scheme to “fit all” may prove difficult. I very much enjoy marking using the set I had made by Super Stickers last year, prior to which I would draw symbols in books!

  1. I draw symbols in books, the pupils draw symbols on whiteboards and in their books so yes they would help me. I think the one colour idea is more uniform too.I have been impressed by the discussion already.

  2. Ooh, I would love a set of Solo stampers. Blue would be great I think; it fits in with my displays, and I’m finding that the shape of the symbols is easily understood. I don’t really want to complicate a system that’s taking off so beautifully by adding in colour. Unless I hear of something that works even better, of course. So yes, if you make them, I believe that there’ll be a demand. They could be used on instruction cards for tasks/worksheets/writing frames,etc to indicate the level of the task, as well as for rapid feedback purposes.

  3. Definitely – I made some customised on the site but never got round to ordering them and now they seem to have been removed. I was going to traffic light the colours for multi (red), relational (amber) and extended abstract (green).

    I was also going to include the text – “My work is…” along the top of the stamper and “because i can…” along the bottom so that my kids could engage with the feedback.

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