2014 in the UK… 6 days in …

Thanks for your enthusiasm. This project starts a new year on a positive note. we now have almost 50 on the mailing list. The twitter account has exceeded 270 followers.

So initial ideas:

– Twitter #globalsolo list – this is now done and each new follower is added to the globalsolo  members list.

– A spreadsheet / database so you can filter by age group / subject / country … To look at others work (under consideration)

-more regular chats following initial #sologlobalchat led by @aknill and @aliceleung in April 2013. Possibly use the #edchat model with different time zones to be more convenient.

– #teachtweet video based events like those used by #ukedchat in 2013.

– record of Teachmeet presentations given globally

– share ideas how #solotaxonomy fits into new national models For curriculum – this is relevant with discussions about levels going in England. There has been work on this from  members in New Zealand and Australia.

…. Your ideas – an about section with contact details has been added to the blog and essentially to share enthusiasm and make friends across the planet who love this idea and how our classes respond to it – thank you to our contributors in the first week.


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