Welcome to #globalsolo


Welcome to #globalsolo. This is an idea that has been forming in 2013 and now I feel it needs to start. I have been using solo taxonomy since I came across it in May 2012. I have blogged extensively about this and presented at a range of Teachmeets in the UK too. See my blog  Mishmashlearning.wordpress.com.  I have built up a truly global PLN through Twitter and I would like all practitioners in whatever type of training / education or age group taught to have a central point where ideas, resources, demonstrations can be shared.

Initial organisation has been some tweets on 31/12/13 with interested tweeters direct mailing (DM) their email details to my personal account.

We have:
This blog – globalsolo.wordpress.com

E mail at globalsolo14@gmail.com

Twitter at @globalsolo

I will be putting together a mailing list and will use the blog rather than a newsletter as originally envisaged to keep people informed.

All ideas are welcomed – this is not for me, but truly to get solo taxonomy used widely but to show our various government minders how teachers can and do network to support the children / adults we teach / train.

Andy Knill 31.12.13


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